Thursday 23 January 2020
Area 42 Petit

Panel Description

The application of AI involves some extremely challenging ethical and legal issues. To make some examples, the use of algorithms in the health care context can only be possible if patients are willing to provide health care systems with a considerable amount of personal data. Similarly, AI could help justices to make decisions about conditional freedom, for instance. However, this is in conflict with the right to privacy that offenders hold. On the other hand, automated decision making might simplify lots of administrative procedures, but it might collide with citizen’s right to consent to the processing of their data. These are some good examples of the tensions between the uses that AI might have and the rights involved.

-To what extent should AI data processing be limited by citizens' right to privacy?
-In what cases might public interest prevail against citizens' preferences?
-Is informed consent absolutely necessary if AI needs to process sensitive data?
-What are the exceptions to informed consent in the context of AI.

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