Wednesday 24 May 2023
La Cave
European Digital Rights (EDRi) (BE)

Panel Description

As the European Union amends the Artificial Intelligence Act (AI Act) exploring the impact of AI systems on marginalised communities is vital. AI systems are increasingly developed, tested and deployed to judge and control migrants and people on the move in harmful ways. This panel explores the various ways AI systems fit within a broader context of surveillance, criminalisation and punishment of migrants and people on the move. Tracking EU level political developments, including in the European Parliament, Council and perspectives from civil society, the panel asks, how can AI regulation prevent harm and ensure protection for all people, regardless of migration status?

• How are AI systems developed and used in ways that impact people on the move?
• How did the EU’s AI act initially address this?
• What is the status of the political deliberations, and what have civil society been doing to influence this?
• What needs to happen to prevent AI-based harms against people on the move?


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