Thursday 23 January 2020
Area 42 Grand
CiTiP - Center for IT & IP Law, KU Leuven

Panel Description

Originality, as a legal requirement, is present in many branches of EU Member States' civil law. At first sight, Blockchain technologies, Artificial Intelligence and Big data, due to their technical aspects, seem to be incompatible with the originality requirement as it has been developed in the EU Member States' laws. As a result, the procedural admissibility of evidence produced and developed through these technologies has been questioned. Some Member States have taken legislative initiatives to overcome such issues. The panel intends to assess, through the expertise of panellists from different backgrounds, whether such incompatibility is concretizable and if so, which the legal requirements should be taken into account by policymakers to ensure that the evidence produced with these technologies could be admissible in court. Amongst others, the panel will consider the following questions:

  • Is the concept of originality still useful?
  • How can the integrity of documents be proven?
  • Do we need more digital legal forensics?
  • Can evidence produced by AI, Blockchain and other disruptive technologies be defined as original?


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