Friday 26 May 2023
La Cave

Panel Description

Experienced representatives of different EU, EMEA and international organisations reflect on their (mainly EU-centred) experience about data transfers in theory and data transfers in practice. Contrary to other panels on the topic, the objective of this panel will not be to discuss Schrems nb 1, 2, 3… or n, but to envisage in practice whether, in 2023, accountable exporters and importers are:
1. addressing a set of “equivalent” legal obligations worldwide;
2. equipped, in different regions of the world, with accessible and efficient tools -or in need for a more flexible approach and real-life compatible set of processes;
3. in capacity to leverage their accountability programs, processes, procedures and documents for doing so. To explore existing and upcoming solutions, this panel will navigate among the practical viewpoints and real-life experiences from senior regulators, practitioners, business consultants and experts.

Questions addressed will notably be:
• What are the practical solutions that accountable stakeholders could explore to keep transferring personal data and mitigating data transfers’ risks?
• What’s the germinating notion of “Accountable Data Transfer” (reference to the best of Accountability tools and specifically CBPRs, BCRs and Privacy Management Programs)?
• What’s the difference between what’s expected “by the books” and what can possibly be accomplished “in reality” by accountable companies benefitting from both extended resources and a genuine commitment to Privacy?
• What small and medium-sized accountable bodies with limited resources can achieve in practice, and how they should rethink

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