Friday 26 May 2023
La Cave
Computer Law & Security Review (CLSR) (UK)

Panel Description

The data deluge is affecting both adults and children. However, with youngsters challenges become much more acute: a huge quantity of data spanning their entire lifetime is being accumulated, while they are not well equipped to understand the implications of the data collection and processing operations happening on the backend of online services. Besides, in the age of personalisation and automation, it seems relatively easy to fall into the trap of harmful content and suffer irreversible damage as a result. This explains why minors and children have been acknowledged in a variety of recent pieces of legislation and regulatory guidance. But are lawmakers on the right track? Have they carefully considered the range of options available? Can privacy enhancing technology help with identifying the least intrusive means?

• What is the EU strategy on the matter and how has it been pursued in the latest regulatory package?
• What are the lessons learned from the ICO Appropriate Age Design Code of Practice?
• What do the California lawmakers hope to achieve with the new Appropriate Age Design Act?
• What are the benefits and drawbacks of age verification solutions?

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