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Wednesday 30 January 2019
La Cave

Panel Description

Since the introduction of GDPR in 2018, more people are aware that data protection exists, and that they have rights to better understand what is happening with their data. One of the pillars of the data protection reform was to improve the power of data subjects, including by extending their rights. Privacy statements need to be clearer and organisations are bound to stricter deadlines to respond. Also in other jurisdictions, including California and Brazil, legislation was passed to underline the importance of data subject rights, and especially the right of access. But has the empowerment of the data subject so far succeeded? This panel will discuss the implementation of the right of access so far, as well as what could be done to ensure the right of access can be a real success for individuals and companies around the world.

• What does the right of access look like from a global perspective?
• Has it really become easier for data subjects to request access to their data?
• Are companies able to meet their deadlines, and how do they ensure they can provide the relevant data?
• What best practices exist to improve the right of access?

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