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Wednesday 30 January 2019
Grande Halle

Panel Description

Access to large and reliable datasets is essential to the development and deployment of artificial intelligence (AI). Improving access to data would be beneficial for making design more innovative, for better achieving public policy priorities and for increasing quality and quantity of services for citizens. The ability to process data and move it across borders allows for diversity and enhanced accuracy in datasets, and reduces the risks for unintended biases. Current data localization requirements around the world could hinder these opportunities. At the same time, AI technologies take advantage of ubiquitous data analytics and increased mechanisms for data collection and creation to make autonomous determinations in nearly real-time. In some cases, these decisions may affect individuals, their private lives, and their position in the society, leading to the need for public and private organizations to protect citizens and minimize adverse impacts.

• How the current situation could be improved by public-private initiatives aiming at promoting data access?
• Why policymakers should support the protected free flow of data and limit data localization requirements?
• How can automated decision-making be fostered while augmenting with safeguards to protect individuals?

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