Wednesday 25 May 2022
Area 42 Petit

Panel Description

• Suncana Slijepcević, Bruno Škrinjarić and Edo Rajh, The Institute of Economics, Zagreb (HR): Citizens resilience to online privacy violation and use of digital public services (online participation)
• Jorge Pereira Campos, João Gonçalves and Jason Pridmore, Erasmus University Rotterdam (NL): Data Donation as e-Participation: How Citizens Construct the Risks of Donating Personal Data to Smart Cities
• Elisa Orru, University of Freiburg (DE): Preemptive security: the role of ICTs and the regulatory framework. An analysis based on the PNR-Directive
• Hunter Dowart, Future of Privacy Forum (US): Chinese Data Protection in Transition: A Look at Enforceability of Rights and the Role of Courts

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