Thursday 23 January 2020
Petite Halle
European Data Protection Supervisor (EDPS)

Panel Description

Control over personal data gives power over individuals. AI technology allows profiling and classification of individuals and prediction of their behaviour at unprecedented scale and accuracy. Data protection rules serve to safeguard the fundamental rights of individuals and to protect the open democratic society against the abuse of data to grab power and undermine free exchange and dialogue.

The use of AI-based systems aggravates the risks of power concentration. Some commentators argue that the market will inevitably develop towards monopoly, and that there are already signs of a handful of US and Chinese corporations – more powerful than many sovereign states - dominating the industry in terms of control of infrastructure and data. At risk are not only the fundamental rights of citizens and the functioning of democracy, but also competition and consumer rights as constitutive elements of fair, market based economies.

-          Which legal tools can be used to prevent excessive market power in the field of AI?

-          What could be a common set of objectives, which authorities for data protection, competition and consumer protection could agree upon?

-          How can different regulators develop common enforcement models and instruments?

-          Facing global operators and global challenges, how can global cooperation work across different legal systems?


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