Brendan Van Alsenoy

Brendan Van Alsenoy is a legal advisor at the Belgian Data Protection Authority (CBPL-CPVP). Before joining the CBPL, he worked as a legal researcher at the KU Leuven Centre for IT & IP law - imec, with a focus on data protection and privacy, intermediary liability and trust services. In 2012, Brendan worked at the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) to assist in the revision of the 1980 OECD Privacy Guidelines. In 2016, he defended his doctoral thesis entitled: "Regulating data protection: the allocation of responsibility and risk among actors involved in personal data processing."


Rosamunde VAN BRAKEL

Rosamunde van Brakel is a researcher and PhD Candidate at the LSTS and CRiS research groups at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel who is finalising her doctoral dissertation in criminology which is titled: Taming the future? A rhizomatic analysis of preemptive surveillance of children and its consequences. In addition to this she is associate-member representative of the Surveillance Studies Network, director of Privacy Salon and managing director of the annual international conference Computers, Privacy and Data Protection. Main publications include Campbell, C. & R. van Brakel (2015) Privacy as a line of flight in societies of mass surveillance, Ethical Space: International Journal of Communication Ethics: Special Double Issue The Press, Intelligence and the Ethics Debate, 12(3/4): 39-46;, Boersma, K., van Brakel, R., Fonio, C. and P. Wagenaar (2014) Histories of State Surveillance in Europe and Beyond. London: Routledge, Van Brakel R. and P. De Hert (2011) Policing, surveillance and law in a pre-crime society: Understanding the consequences of technology based strategies. Journal of Police Studies, 20(3):163 - 192 and Martin A.K., Van Brakel R.E., Bernhard D.J. (2009) Understanding resistance to digital surveillance: Towards a multi-disciplinary, multi-actor framework. Surveillance and Society, 6(3): 213 - 232.


Yung Shin van deR SYPE

Yung Shin VAN DER SYPE is a legal researcher at the Centre for IT and IP Law at the KU Leuven. She is currently working on a doctoral thesis: “Towards integrated privacy protection in the workplace”. In this research, it is studied whether the exclusion of the compatible use principle might result in a more protective assessment of the re-use of personal data and whether and how this approach may lead to an integrated privacy protection of employees. Further, Yung Shin conducts research in the field of Belgian and European privacy and data protection law for several European research projects (e.g. DOGANA).



Nico van Eijk is Professor of Media and Telecommunications Law and Director of the Institute for Information Law (IViR, Faculty of Law, University of Amsterdam). He studied Law at the University of Tilburg and received his doctorate on government interference with broadcasting in 1992 from the University of Amsterdam. He also works as an independent legal adviser. Among other things, he is the Chairman of the Dutch Federation for Media and Communications Law (Vereniging voor Media- en Communicatierecht, VMC)and a member of the supervisory board of the Dutch public broadcasting organisation (NPO).



Joris van Hoboken is a Senior Researcher at the Institute for Information Law (IViR), University of Amsterdam. His research addresses law and policy in the field of digital media, electronic communications and the internet, with a focus on privacy and freedom of expression. Current research projects include an investigation of privacy in smartphone ecosystems, as well as work on data-driven discrimination and encryption policy. Joris is on the Board of Directors of Bits of Freedom and an affiliate scholar at CIS Stanford and LSTS, VUB. Previously, Joris was a Research Fellow at the Information Law Institute (ILI) at NYU (2013-2016). Joris obtained his PhD on the topic of search engines and freedom of expression and has graduate degrees in Law and Mathematics.


Eric van TOL

Eric van Tol had different management positions at NCR, Olivetti and Ordina fulfilled, before he founded Andarr; a consulting firm specialized in ICT migrations and transitions of complex infrastructures. He is currently Director of the Fontys Expertise Centre Big Data, CTO of Advanced Programs, Manager at Floridata (an independent data platform for traders in the horticultural industry) and was recently, driver of the ICT breakthrough project Big Data of the Ministry of Economic Affairs.


Margarete von Galen

Margarete von Galen is practicing as a specialist criminal lawyer in Berlin. Alongside activities as a criminal defence lawyer and legal advisor, she is acting as External Ombudsman for sev-eral companies. Since 2014, she is Judge at the Constitutional Court of the State of Berlin. She took part in expert hearings of the German Parliament and the European Commission, advises the Commission as member of the Commission’s Expert Group on matters regarding EU criminal law and has published essays and decision notes and contributed to publications in the field of criminal law. She was President of the Berlin Bar Association from 2004 to 2009 and is member of the German CCBE Delegation and of the Criminal Law Committee of the CCBE.



Sophie VULLIET-TAVERNIER is the Head of the Public Relations and Research Department at the French Data Protection Authority (CNIL). This department contributes in valorizing data privacy with influence actions, especially with their publications, the running of a network composed of multidisciplinary experts and the development of partnerships with universities and research institutes. She also manages various digital education projects. Former Head of Legal, International Affairs and Expertise Department of the CNIL, and former Head of Studies Innovations and Foresight Department. Member of the Academic Chair “Values and Policies of Personal Information” held by the Institut Mines-Télécom and of the Ethics Committee of the Allistene Alliance.

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