Ali Lange is a Senior Policy Analyst on CDT’s Privacy & Data Project. Her work focuses on empowering users to control their digital presence, and includes developing standards for fairness and transparency in algorithms, protecting digital assets, and working at intersection of civil rights and big data. Ali has an M.A. in Applied Economics from Johns Hopkins. She has B.A. degrees in Political Science and English from the University of Chicago.


Nikolaos Laoutaris

Nikolaos Laoutaris is a senior researcher at the Internet Scientific Group of Telefonica Research in Barcelona. Prior to joining the Barcelona lab he was a postdoc fellow at Harvard University and a Marie Curie postdoc fellow at Boston University. He got his PhD in computer science from the University of Athens in 2004. Nikolaos is currently the chief scientist of the Data Transparency Lab, co-founded between Telefonica, MIT, Mozilla, and ODI to advance online personal data transparency through scientific research and design. More at: http://www.tid.es/research/researchers/nikolaos-laoutaris


Gwendal Le Grand

Dr. Gwendal Le Grand is the Director of technology and innovation at the French data protection authority CNIL , where he supervises the IT experts department, the IT operations department, the innovation and foresight unit, and the CNIL labs. He participates to the activities of the article 29 Data Protection Working Party (WP29), particularly to the work of the Technology Subgroup, which tackles data protection issues related to new technologies . Member of the European Privacy Seal (EuroPrise) Advisory Board, and is the liaison officer for the WP29 to ISO/IEC JTC1/SC27/WG5 which develops privacy standards at ISO. Also member of the ENISA Permanent Stakeholders’ Group.



Daniel Le Métayer is Research Director at Inria and coordinator of the Inria Project Lab CAPPRIS (“Collaborative Action for the Protection of Privacy Rights in the Information Society”). Daniel Le Métayer is also member of the commission of the French National Assembly on the rights and freedoms in the digital society. The general goal of CAPPRIS is to foster the collaboration between research groups involved in privacy in France and the interaction between the computer science, law and social sciences communities in this area. Daniel Le Métayer previously was the head of the LICIT ("Legal Issues in Communication and Information Technologies") group within Inria. From 2000 to 2006, He worked for Trusted Logic, a leading company in security and open middleware for embedded systems. Daniel Le Métayer’s main research interest is the interplay between technology and law especially with respect to privacy protection. He is the author of about 100 articles in high-level journals and he has been involved in various international projects on privacy, IT security, software design and analysis, testing, etc.


Catherine Lennman

Catherine Lennman holds an LLM degree in European Integration from the Saarland University (DE) and a lic. iur. from the University of Lausanne (CH). She has been working for the Swiss Federal Data Protection and Information Commissioner since September 2010, assisting data subjects as well as Swiss federal authorities in data protection issues and conducting data protection inspections. She works in the fields of justice, police and migration, where she deals in particular with the Schengen sector. She represents the FDPIC at several international working groups. Since 2015, she is the co-coordinator of the Privacy and Humanitarian Action Working Group set up by the ICDPPC.



Eva Lievens is Assistant Professor of Law & Technology at the Law Faculty of Ghent University and a member of the Human Rights Centre. A recurrent focus in her research relates to human and children's rights in the ICT and media sector and the use of alternative regulatory instruments, such as self- and co-regulation. Eva is a member of the Chamber for impartiality and the protection of minors of the Flemish Regulator for the Media and the Belgian Film Evaluation Committee. She is the associate editor for the International Encyclopaedia of Laws - Media Law (with Prof. Peggy Valcke), a member of the editorial committee of Auteurs & Media (Larcier), and a contributor for Belgium for the European Audiovisual Observatory's IRIS newsletter.



Sonia Livingstone OBE is a professor in the Department of Media and Communications at the London School of Economics and Political Science. Author of 20 books and reports on children’s online opportunities and risks, she directs Global Kids Online, Preparing for a Digital Future and EU Kids Online. See www.sonialivingstone.net


Caroline Louveaux

Caroline Louveaux is Senior Managing Counsel at MasterCard, and is responsible for MasterCard's Regional Privacy and Data Protection Programs in Europe, Asia-Pacific, Middle East and Africa as well as Latin and Central America. Prior to joining MasterCard, Caroline worked in private practice, where she specialized in EU and Competition Law. She also worked at the CRID in Belgium, where she performed legal research in the area of new technologies. Caroline holds a law degree from the U.C.L. (Belgium) and U.B.A. (Argentina) and a LLM degree in International Trade Regulation from the New York University. Caroline is admitted to the NY Bar.


Claudio LUCENA

Claudio Lucena is a Professor and former Dean of the Law Faculty at Paraíba State University, UEPB, in Brazil, currently based in Lisbon, Portugal, in the Research Center for the Future of Law, Universidade Católica Portuguesa, as Researcher for the Portuguese Government Agency Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia. LLM in International and European Law from Vrije Universiteit Brussel and also Bachelor in Computer Sciences from Campina Grande Federal University, in Brazil. He has been researching and working with technology-related legal issues for over 10 years.


Finn Lützow-Holm Myrstad

Finn Lützow-Holm Myrstad is the Head of the Digital Services Section at the Norwegian Consumer Council (NCC), focusing on national and international issues related to net neutrality, data protection, copyright, telecommunication and more. He has led the research and advocacy work relating to terms and conditions in digital services, and has lodged several successful complaints against Apple iCloud, Tinder and Runkeeper. Most recent was a study on connected toys, leading to coordinated actions by more than 20 organisations in 16 countries. Finn is also the EU co-chair of the Transatlantic Consumer Dialogue (TACD) Information Society Committee, a network of over 75 leading organisations representing the consumer interest on both sides of the Atlantic.



Orla Lynskey is an Assistant Professor in the Law Department at the London School of Economics. Her primary area of research interest is data protection law and she has recently published a monograph, The Foundations of EU Data Protection Law, with Oxford University Press. She is currently working on the power of digital intermediaries (‘platform power’) and its implications for fundamental rights. Orla is an editor of International Data Privacy Law and the European Law Blog, an Editorial Committee member of the Modern Law Review and on the Editorial Board of European Data Protection Law Review.

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