Dear friends of CPDP,

With the death of Caspar Bowden, who was a member of the CPDP scientific committee, this week has been a very sad one.

CPDP began with Caspar, Paul and Serge in the La roue d’or (Brussels Restaurant) at a time he was still working for Microsoft.

Not only was he crucial in getting CPDP started, but he was also the embodiment of its ideals. He was a true believer in dialogue and the exchange of rational argument – especially between parties who might not always share the same interests.

His is a terribly tragic loss.

We will feel this loss greatly and will reflect long on all he has done, what he taught us, and what he has left behind.

We would like to draw your attention to a fund that was set up in memory of Caspar: the Caspar Bowden Legacy Fund for Privacy Advocacy and Technology http://www0.cs.ucl.ac.uk/staff/G.Danezis/CasparsLegacy_foundation.html

Best wishes on behalf of the CPDP Programming Committee and Scientific Committee


Call for Papers 2016

The CPDP 2016 Call for Papers is addressed to all researchers who wish to present their papers at the next Computers, Privacy and Data Protection conference.

Updated tuesday 16 june 2015



The 8th edition of the international conference Computers, Privacy and Data Protection 2015 was a great success! It was a memorable edition and we would like to thank everyone who came and contributed to this edition. CPDP2015 received over a 1000 registrations! The 3 day conference offered participants 70 panels and, workshops and special sessions with 415 speakers from academia, public and private sectors and civil society.

Updated friday 30 january 2015


Videos of CPDP2015 panels

For those of you who could not make it this year, or if you were one of our +1000 participants, but where following a panel in another venue, videos of all panels of the conference that gave permission will be uploaded to our youtube account http://www.youtube.com/user/CPDPConferences If you are looking for a specific panel, it might be easier to click on the link through the program pages.

Updated wednesday 28 january 2015


Call for Panels 2016

In order to make the conference as good as possible, organisation for CPDP 2016 begins as soon as CPDP 2015 ends and we have launched the CPDP2016 Call for Panels, you can find the call here.


Updated monday 26 january 2015





CPDP is a non-profit platform originally founded in 2007 by research groups from the Vrije Universiteit Brussel, the Université de Namur and Tilburg University. The platform was joined in the following years by the Institut National de Recherche en Informatique et en Automatique and the Fraunhofer Institut für System und Innovationsforschung and has now grown into a platform carried by 20 academic centers of excellence from the EU, the US and beyond. As a world-leading multidisciplinary conference CPDP offers the cutting edge in legal, regulatory, academic and technological development in privacy and data protection. Within an atmosphere of independence and mutual respect, CPDP gathers academics, lawyers, practitioners, policy-makers, computer scientists and civil society from all over the world in Brussels offering them an arena to exchange ideas and discuss the latest emerging issues and trends. This unique multidisciplinary formula has served to make CPDP one of the leading data protection and privacy conferences in Europe and around the world.

CPDP has progressively been growing since its inception both in terms of speakers, participants and panels. The CPDP 2015 Conference welcomed 979 participants, including more than 400 speakers from all over the world. Its artistic and public side events such as the Pecha Kucha and an art exhibition, attracted an additional 500 people. CPDP is a growing reality and the ambitions for its upcoming editions are higher than ever.

Financial Accountability

CPDP is a non-profit platform which uses all incoming money to make conference work and to guarantee quality, diversity and interdisciplinarity. In order to achieve these aims, participation fees for the conference are kept deliberately low.

Our aim is to make this conference break even, or at least to limit losses as much as possible. However, we often end with a small loss. The cost of personnel organizing and programming the conference is carried by the participating universities and a considerable amount of money is invested in aspects of the conference such as art shows, phd students, public debates, book lauches etc.


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CPDP is organised by a consortium of Conference Partners
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